A Brand New Track, Mutual Connection!


Hello all,

I am pleased to announce a release of a new track that had been a while in the making, mainly because I have only rare occasions where I can comfortably record my voice for my music, and this also took a lot of “tinkering” and adjustments to get it just right so that I’d be happy with it. 

I created Mutual Connection as one of many musical tributes to my favorite sentient robot characters and their abilities to think and feel and form strong bonds with their comrades. For the longest time I’ve been fascinated with stories from TV or video games that have this concept. It just helps make life a little easier to deal with.


February 16 was what I like to call my 13th "Fanniversary Day" of Mega Man X - that is, the day that 13 years ago, my sister and I became Mega Man X fans! -  and so I decided it was finally time to put this music project out into the world. 🌎

I have written earlier here about how Mega Man X and Zero, and eventually my many favorite Transformers, have inspired me to create some of my earlier works. The primary reason behind creating this piece of music this time, however, was an old mecha anime from the 90’s that I never knew I needed until a few years ago, called Brave Police J-Decker, and I finally had finished watching it around April 2020, which was a big part of what inspired me to start working on this track. 


The story follows a young boy who stumbles upon a police robot named Deckerd who is still under construction, and the boy accidentally activates him. By introducing himself to the robot like a new friend, over time the boy sneaks away to his new robot friend and teaches him different things about emotions and being brave. More robots like Deckerd appear in the series, and throughout the series they all learn about emotions and develop strong bonds with other human friends as well as with their robot comrades. I won’t give much more about this anime series away, but it left such an impact on both me and my twin sister when we had watched it. We saw how these police robots cared for their fellow robot colleagues as well as for the human characters they developed their bonds with. 

(From the left, Deckerd and his human friend Yuuta)

There is just something about robots with the ability to feel love and other human emotions that really gets to me, and it makes me happy and breaks my heart at the same time. 

I had spent almost a couple of years on this track because even though it felt finished at times, I still didn’t feel ready to post it yet anywhere. I needed to do more adjustments, like toning things down, or increasing such and such… Even recorded my vocals again if I heard it do something weird, until it would sound right. This is one of the drawbacks of being a perfectionist in my work, as in I never consider it done even WHEN it is done. I always find something later that I wish I’d done better once it’s “out there.” And it hurts to want to make it “more perfect” after I’ve already made it “perfect enough”. (I know that sounds weird and nonsensical.) What I also struggled with was the title, as I often do with my work. Once I choose a title, it’s not like I can change it later just because I don’t like it anymore. It really has to stick to me, before I call it what it needs to be called.

I have more robot-related music coming later, so stay tuned! Thank you so much for reading, and for listening. ❤