July - December 2017: Provided the original score for a 5 minute short film titled Forfeiture, written and directed by Marco A. Elorreaga, starring Kenyon Meleney, Sasha Snow and Chanelle Prime. Also provided the score for the 8-minute extended version of the film.

January - March 2016: Provided the music score for a 9-minute short film titled The Intervention, written and directed by Marco A. Elorreaga, starring Sasha Snow and Joshua Christian.


December 2015: Provided most of the original music for a 5-minute horror short titled PINEYwritten and directed by James Alcazar.

September - October 2014: Provided the original music score for a 25-minute short film titled HIS EMILY written and directed by Marco A. Elorreaga, starring Phillip Russell Newman and Sasha Snow. (You can view the entire film below.)


August 2014: Worked with Melissa Cordova on music for the 4:20-minute film project titled LA State of Mind, directed by James Alcazar and Melissa Cordova. This was submitted for The Los Angeles Video Project. 


December 2011 - January 2012: Worked as a contributing composer to the 18-minute short film titled ZERO FAITH, written and directed by Tony Toich. Starring Kevin Richard Sullivan, Allison Nichols (Toich) and Matt O'Neil. Click HERE to listen to select tracks I've done for this film.

Alyssa E. Watts is a member of ASCAP.