I was FINALIST in the Great American Song Contest 2021!!

MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2022

Hey all, 

I know it's been a big minute since my last update here. It was before 2020 hit the world with the global pandemic of COVID-19. Since then, my mental health hasn't been at its best. I normally would apologize for any sort of absence or inactivity on my site that I should be updating more regularly, but for something that was completely out of my control, I'm not going to.

This pandemic has affected EVERYONE.

I'm not ready yet to talk about how I've been holding up. That may be in a different and upcoming post, if it will be coming at all. I'm overwhelmed and it's hard right now. But I do have a bit of good news to report, for those who are interested...  

I’ve been really quiet about this, because I’m not sure how I was supposed to talk about it, or if it was even worth mentioning… But here it goes. 

Last year on November 17, 2021, I entered one song and one instrumental piece in the Great American Song Contest. This is my first true songwriting contest ever, not quite counting the little song contest about "how smoking is bad for you" that I wrote, sang and recorded with my sister in high school. (Okay maybe I'll count it a little bit.) Even though there were entry fees, as many songwriting contests do, one thing about this one was that everyone who entered would be getting a written evaluation from one of the judges, who are industry professionals. Not only that, but that the music didn't have to sound perfect in production quality like it was taken to a high-end studio to get done.  

I have my iMac desktop, Logic Pro X software, and a midi controller piano keyboard. I have my own studio, in my bedroom! Gone are the days where you HAVE to go to a studio... Another reason why it’s good to be alive. 

I chose to enter my song "Nowhere" and an instrumental piece I'm very proud of, called "Aerial Warfare." The results would be announced on March 30th, 2022. 

In the end, my piece "Aerial Warfare" was one of 100 or so Finalists!  

And you know what? That felt good. It felt very good.  

Yes, it would've been nice to make it as one of the top entries (especially with the sizable prize money I really could've used, lol) but there's something to be said about being a Finalist. Maybe there's no monetary prize it it, but... recognition is wonderful too. 

It feels great to be recognized for my hard work. And it is hard work. 

And even though my written evaluation for my song "Nowhere" wasn't sparkling positive, it was still positive for the most part, helpful, completely fair, and encouraging even. That's why I loved entering in this contest, because they really listen to the song or piece, and not just hear it. I might even enter in the contest again with another song and instrumental piece for the next time. 

I have a Part 2 of "Aerial Warfare" that's been sitting around... Maybe it's time I dust it off, buckle down and try to finish the piece.   

To be honest, I wanted to enter because it would give me one more meaningful reason to wake up in the morning, even as I struggle to want to get out of bed. 

Another reason to want to stay alive in this otherwise messed-up world. 

I'm so glad I tried out for this songwriting contest. Knowing that I'm at least on the right track with my music by industry professionals might actually help me keep going with what I know in my heart I must do. 

I hope it is a sign of good things to come in my short life.  

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned.