Working on a steamy new Love song...


Hello all! 


As you know, one of my major focuses in music right now is currently the Inspirational Military genre. I absolutely love creating the music in that genre, and will continue to create more of it this year. But my other strong suit?

Sexy/seductive  music... whether it's instrumental or with lyrics and vocals. What people sometimes like to call "baby-making" music.

I've written love songs before... I've fallen in love before... But these days, the sexy style of music I create is not coming from personal experience. 

It's inspired by fiction, even when it's in the form of comic books. 

I've said earlier that Transformers inspired a lot of my military music. However, it's not limited to only that. The most recent Transformers comic books, while having heavy war themes for sure, also had poignant themes of love and relationships. And after having read the last issue of Transformers: Lost Light (formerly Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye by James Roberts) I got even more inspired to create more of the type of music that can get people to, well...  feel pretty romantic with each other.

When fiction this powerful and beautiful (with equally beautiful artwork!) touches the heart this much, it's no wonder I've been so inspired lately...

And I don't know whether it's all the cozy rainy days this week, or inspiring artwork I've found that some artists have created of these amazing characters, but at this point I've not only already finished the music, but have just about finished all the lyrics too! Within a matter of only days!

And all I need to do now, is to record my singing of it and share it with you guys. ♥

So before I end this post, I'll leave you with a little tease... In fact, maybe because it's Valentines Day, I'll the love and leave you with two!

Firstly, who my muses are:  two Transformers, one of which is a Medic and the other is his sword-wielding best friend. 

Secondly, the TITLE... which is "Set On You", part of the whole phrase in the song "My heart is set on you..."

Alright! Stay tuned for more updates, coming VERY SOON!!!