A “Flight” of “Passion” : Two new tracks!


Hello all! 

I have two new tracks ready! One of which is (GASP!) NOT orchestral!  

“Jump-start the Passion" is probably going to be the first track I’ve uploaded to YouTube that does not sound anything like piano/strings pieces or more orchestral pieces like “Aerial Warfare” and ‘The Only Way is Forward”. This time, I use synthesizers and an electric guitar, and BIG drums. And it’s got a really sexy sound. Something like this would go well in either a car commercial or in an adult film. I would love to make a lot more weird, sexy music like this one in the near future. 

If you listen very carefully, the guitar pitch-bend at the end of the track is used earlier midway in the music, but I reversed it using a different music-editing app on a tablet. 


The other piece, "Adventure Flight", is indeed orchestral, but it is a lot more cheerful than most of my pieces either uploaded or in progress. I’m more of a “Minor Scale” girl, but occasionally I think up pieces that are happier in its energy. As I state in the video description, originally it was not about flight, but I still wanted to bring out a sense of adventure in the piece and it began to turn out more like music that could be used in a flying scene. Hence, the title Adventure Flight.  

Now that I have a new workstation where I’ll be able to upload my videos more easily, the flow of completed projects should become a lot steadier.  Hope you’ve enjoyed, and stay tuned for new tracks!