Updates and Upcoming projects!

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017

Hello all,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a couple of upcoming projects that I plan to really get out there!

I love creating music for the film score genre, but of course I'm not limited to just that!

Although I'm not really big on yoga, I do love the relaxing music that can be used during yoga exercises. I plan on making an album of relaxing yoga music using instruments such as flutes and synthesizers. There are probably millions of albums of this type of music out there already, but I think I can bring something good to the genre. I've always believed music to be therapeutic for not only the body but the soul as well... and the heart. If anything, I want to try making a yoga music album and see where that takes me! 

Secondly, I am also planning on making a Techno music album! I've loved Techno/Rave dance music ever since I found out it existed when I was in middle school (sooooo long ago!). The beat just pumps you up, and it's hard NOT to move to it when you feel it all around you. 

I'm hoping to get these albums available to everyone for digital sale sometime next year. Hopefully much sooner! In the meantime, I am finishing up some nearly-done tracks, and last month I've begun work on Part 2 of my "Aerial Warfare" music project! So please stay tuned, and check back later for more!