Returning with all-new music soon!!


Hello all,

I apologize for the long lack of blog (and music) activity going on here. But I intend to change that soon. Not too long ago, I've finally taken some steps to counter my slow progress on some music projects that I've wanted to get out for so long. 

During April and May, I had a little scare because for the first time in a long while, I did not have the desire to continue composing music. I'd finished music for a short film back in March, titled "The Intervention" by Marco Elorreaga, and was planning to return to work on some nearly done music projects. But nothing was happening... Projects I'd started a while back would be put aside for later, and if I started any new ones, I wouldn't get back to it for some time. Or ever.

As you know, composing music has been my number one love, so why wasn't I doing it? I didn't hate doing it... And I had plenty of inspiration (Transformers comics being one source of that), so that wasn't the problem. I guess I just got a bit burnt out about making sure it sounded a certain way and got as perfect as it can get. And I guess it depressed me that at one time I was composing up the wazoo, and now... music was only coming out as brain burps, and that was it. 

But see, that is where the problem was... Artists of all kinds strive to get their art, music, or novel absolutely perfect, when in reality, there is no such thing. I didn't even realize it until I spoke with my parents about this, and eventually to my sister too. That if I continue to work too hard on a music project in an attempt to make it perfect, it will never get done. I would have nothing to show for as examples of what work I do that I COULD be doing for some amazing films, documentaries or commercials out there. 

It took a bit of thinking and taking inventory of which music tracks I think are worth finishing, and I actually got excited about plenty of my music projects once again! 

I came up with a plan that will help me keep my progress on music going so that I don't completely stop. I focus on 1 to 2 tracks per week, for two to three hours a day, and try getting them done or nearly done by the end of the week. If I don't finish right at he end of the week, then fine, no biggie... so long as it gets me to just KEEP WORKING at it, and not just randomly revisit other old projects that don't need my attention right now. (I have a bad habit of opening old projects and listening to them that I end up not continuing, and then I realize that I wasted time.) 

If I could focus on only one or two tracks per week and complete something by week's end, then at that rate I could complete up to 4 tracks per month... at least no less than two. That's a whole lot better than what I put out last year, that's for sure! And it helped that I cleaned up my computer desk more... When my desk is less cluttered I feel I can be able to work on music a lot better. 

I still want to work hard on making the music good for regular listeners' ears. It's just that I shouldn't obsess over certain parts of the track to a point where it will only sit in my laptop for who knows how long before it can be heard... 

This music machine is up and running again!! So more tracks are on their way to YouTube, and you can be sure I will put some up this month of July! Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned!