On "Scully's Theme" from THE X-FILES


I was fairly young... in the fifth grade and nearly starting middle school, when I began watching what is still considered to be one of the best SciFi TV series to this day: The X-Files!

As a loyal fan of this TV series, I indeed have watched the "return" of the series as the 6-episode short season (which I've enjoyed very much!) I wish to share with you a bit of the magic of music by composer Mark Snow.

I caught the show around the third or fourth season, watching it with my dad and my sister on Sunday nights after The Simpsons (and eventually after Malcolm in the Middle when it was included in the same Sunday night block starting Jan 2000). I was fascinated by all the different strange and often frightening encounters Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully came across when trying to solve murder cases. And I also remember being sad when the episode would finish at 10pm, because that meant the weekend of rest and playtime was over, and another whole school week was ahead of me!

The more I watched The X-Files, the more I came to love the dynamics between Agents Mulder and Scully. When it came to a certain Season [was it 8???], there was theme music within the show that somehow really stood out from everything else I've heard in it.

Don't get me wrong... from what I remember, I love Mark Snow's score for the series, even though I don't remember many specific music tracks from it... except for the scary piano glissando "jump" scares and the upward bending of strings when something bad was about to be discovered (not to mention the "prickly pizzicato effect")... However, one track (or two, really) in particular could not leave my mind sometimes.

It started around when Agent Scully was diagnosed with a brain tumor... and a very, very pretty theme started playing when it showed her thinking about her mortality and looking sad (although the video I use to demonstrate the beauty of this theme shows our favorite FBI agents happy together).


This theme came up in the series quite a few more times, and the more I heard it, the more I remembered it note for note, even playing it on my Yamaha keyboard with the string instrument sound. And I noticed that it always showed Agent Scully when this theme played, so whenever I talked about it with my sister I always refered to it as "Scully's Theme" or "The Scully Theme" (which, I believe, it's actually called just that!)

It's not a very complex melody, and yet, there is so much feeling in it. The vocals done by Nicci Sill in this piece are still haunting and beautiful to this day. You get a heavy feeling of sadness, despair, and not an ounce of hope. Like one is trying to come to terms with something terrible that has happened. I still get misty eyed whenever I think about it or listen to it.

There is an instrumental version of this specific theme that comes up even later in the original series. I love both versions equally, but what I absolutely love about this version is the brass instrument playing along with the melody, and the accenting harps in the background.