Finally... Two New Tracks!

Hello all,

I apologize for the really, REALLY long wait for any new material from me...

I know I kept promising more music soon here and there, and then I hadn't updated here and I feel quite terrible about that. But that doesn't mean I was not hard at work on some new music projects in the meantime. The little problem I had was also that I do have a difficult time deciding on how to title my pieces! (Especially if I'm actually going to put the title in the video!)

But now... I finally I have some new finished music I wish to share with you! More details of the tracks are in the video descriptions. :)



The reason I am excited to share this music with you is because they are part of a long string of several music projects in the... wait for it...  military style! In a blog post coming up fairly soon after this one, I will explain in further detail my growing love for composing military music that is inspiring and driving... that, and what had started this for me in the first place! These are tracks that one would probably hear in a military film/documentary, or modern video games about wars past (or future!) And there will be more of these types of tracks coming up!

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy them. :) Please check back soon for more details!...