Updates (It's been a while)

Hello all, and Happy Belated New Year.

I realize that it has been a while since I have updated this website with any new blog posts.  I must apologize for that. 


For that first half of last year, I didn't have much going on in terms of film projects to work on or share anything about. And the summer had been difficult with the illness of my mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. (I'm happy to say she is now a breast cancer survivor. ♥ ) Also, I have been dealing with the recent loss of another dear family dog, Koko, over the December holidays, which has greatly saddened and upset me and my family. At the same time, I have been trying to get some things together in terms of my personal life and career. 


But fear not. On the plus side, I have been working on more film projects last fall season, as well as personal projects. So, as it is yet another new year, I have a lot more motivation, and I plan on updating this website with more music projects I've been working on, film-wise and otherwise. I also hope to include my thoughts on many things music in here too, as I have meant to earlier.

And, a happy surprise will be coming to this website very, very soon...!


Please stay tuned, and thank you very much for your understanding.