Greetings to all! And Happy New year!!


Welcome to my website's first blog post! :)


Normally, I would not be the "type" to host a blog related to my career interest, but after Bandzoogle went through vast improvements (thank you Bandzoogle! <3), I found myself making some much needed changes around in my website, including changing the design while keeping the desired red and black color scheme. I have eliminated a couple of unnecessary pages on the menu and, as a result, came up with two new sections to add. One will be for background information on select tracks in this website. 


The other, is of course, this very blog you see now! 


Essentially, what will go down here will be my thoughts about many things music; perhaps discussion on some music scores from certain films and or television shows; concepts I find interesting in books about music and scoring; describing the progress and my processes of current projects I am working on; talking about my other passions that influence my music; or something as fun as telling about a funny thing that has happened to me musically at one point or another in my life... which has happened to many of us, I'm sure!


At any rate, you can count on just about all of my blog entries to be something related to music, whether it is about my music, scoring, or music in general. And I'll try not to make it boring...  This I promise!


Thank you for reading, and stay tuned...!