Hang on to your dreams. The future is built on dreams...”

— Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime

Project Name

Born of African-American and Slovak descent, Alyssa E. Watts, 33, has composed music for most of her life. Based in Southern California, she specializes in music for drama as well as for military, and does not shy away from epic orchestral, electronic, techno, hip hop, alternative rock, or slow seductive styles. Alyssa earned the Associate in Arts degree for Commercial Music from LAVC in 2010, from which her studies have included music theory, vocal performance, commercial harmony, and music in film. A prolific composer, she puts passion into her music, whether you hear a big rousing orchestra for an inspiring military scene, or the gentlest sentimental piano solo.

Alyssa is currently creating an album collection of inspirational military music for others to enjoy and/or use in their projects. (It may just make you want to salute when you listen to it!)

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