Updates + Ready for the ASCAP Expo! (Almost!)


Hi all!

After 8 whole years, I'm finally going to attend this year's ASCAP Expo!

The event has yet to start, and I'm already feeling so inspired! A little nervous about networking, but more inspired! There are more panels in this convention than I can be able to go to! Just to be in the same place with other musicians and people in the music industry will be a cool experience. 

Last time I went to an ASCAP Expo I had a different (non-Bandzoogle) website that showed what I THOUGHT was my best work. At the time, I really did think it was my best work, but this time around, what I had back then just wouldn't cut it today. I've been using Bandzoogle since 2011, however, and with my website revamp last year, now showcasing new quality tracks created in Logic Pro X, I think I have a better chance of making any sort of impression. Hopefully good ones! 

As for my projects, I've been on a recent World music kick lately, and I am still chipping away at my inspiring Military music. It's starting to look like I will have two albums worth of the latter! Now I need to decide which tracks to group together, and what titles to give to these albums! I've already been doing some brainstorming for that... :) 

And I know I've probably piqued some people's interest with my previous post about a new love song, inspired by... (gasp) Transformers comic books?! Me oh my! That will come in due time. :)  I'm in the process of refining the music for the song and working out some melodic issues in the verses of the lyrics, but other than that, it's coming along! And I can't wait to tease it to you guys sometime in a near-future post! 

Exciting projects are underway... and with that, exciting opportunities for learning and inspiration at a musician's convention, like the ASCAP Expo! Thanks for reading, and Stay Tuned...!