A Fresh New Look, Plus... I am on SOUNDCLOUD!


Hi everyone! 

Guess who's back and revved to roll out some new music! (Me, that's who! With an updated theme to boot!) 

But before you wonder about it, allow me to make that announcement I’ve put off for to long to announce: I have some of my music on SoundCloud!!! 

Now, technically, my Soundcloud account is not new. In fact, I've had it for a quite few months now. But I wasn't quite ready to show it yet, not at least until I had more than three tracks on it. And on there, I want it to be REALLY GOOD STUFF. 

But the super nice thing about Soundcloud? I can share with listeners some things I've been working on that are works in progress... BEFORE they're even done...  and I may even talk about the process during the creation of the tracks! Cool, huh?  

I mean... It's about WAAAY more than just that, but that 's all I'll say about it at the moment. For now, treat your ears to some new sounds from me! Stayed tuned for updates!