The Move to iMac and Logic Pro


Hello all! 

You know how when you almost wish you’d done something a few years ago? That’s me, right now! 

Recently I had to make the necessary move to a new computer, because with the old system on my nearly 10-year old MacBook Pro laptop I was unable to upgrade my web browser to an adequate version. As a result, I haven’t been able to upload any of my select music works to YouTube or make any updates to this website. And that can be a nightmare for ANY musician.  

But now I have a powerful new iMac!!! 

Yes, it may be less portable than the laptop, but it makes up for it with a great amount of storage space (1TB) and a larger screen, which is really nice. I’ll be able to use Drop Box again to send or receive large files that I need to work with, so the portability issue is more or less not really an issue.  

With getting this new Apple computer, however,  I decided it was finally time to also get Logic Pro, the “professional“ version of GarageBand. Don’t get me wrong… Not to say that GarageBand can’t be used by professionals, and it has been wonderful to me all these years in scoring for short films. I will continue to use it on my iMac too. But where GarageBand is like a simple calculator, Logic Pro is like… a scientific calculator, maybe even a programming one (especially if the Advanced Tools are enabled)! It is closely similar to GarageBand but can be EXTREMELY complex, which is why I’ve been holding off on even getting it for the past few years. I intend to learn my way around it inside and out over the course of some time.  

I’m beyond excited about this, because with all the Jam Packs included in this software, it will be a lot easier to get my ideas out. Last post I announced I’m working on a Techno album. With so many different Techno music synthesizers and software instrument beats/loops to choose from  and edit, I may be able to accomplish this a lot more quickly! Likewise with my New Age relaxing music album for yoga, there are more sounds that I’ve never would’ve dreamed of using before until getting Logic Pro. I’ve probably needed this forever! But I guess in a way, I saved plenty of money not having gotten yet another computer years ago. So I don't think it's all that bad waiting until now to get an upgraded workstation. 

I’ll continue to use my old laptop for live MIDI recording here and there, but more primarily soon I’ll be using the iMac for my main music projects.  

I owe it to my Mom and Dad for supporting me in helping me afford my computer, so that my music goals are even more possible than ever before. Thank you. ♥ 

There will be new music soon! So please stay tuned! ♬ ♬