The New Year Brings Changes...


Hello all,

Happy New Year, as it is now 2017... and with a new year comes big changes. Some of them we want, and some of them we don't want. But right now, I'll talk about one change that I DO want.

As you might know, I've pretty much kept the design on my website to always red and black. Red is my favorite color and in using that color on my website, the passion I have for music as well as creating it, is shown through that.

Ever since using Bandzoogle to make my website (thank you so much Bandzoogle! ) there have been many improvements made with design templates and looks for designing the site. 

So during January and February, I will be changing the looks of this site a bit... or DRASTICALLY. I may start experimenting on different designs and look around more to see how I can make my site more dynamic. I am a one-woman band/orchestra, and I think it would be good to show it in a way that catches the eyes... and EARS!

In addition, I may plan to remove a good handful of some old tracks from this website and make room for new ones that are even more well done than what I had before... I will also be removing some old photos of myself that are around my website, and will hopefully add some more recent ones. 

Until then, stay tuned for updates... and a whole new look around this little website!