New Music! (And more on the way...)

MONDAY JULY 25, 2016

Hello all, As I promised (and hoped!) by the end of the month, I have new tracks ready for you to listen to and be inspired by!

First off, I tried to complete four tracks this month rather than two, but my perfectionist self kicked in again, and I focussed on two tracks that I felt needed to get out sooner, fine-tuning certain sections that needed more variation and improving clarity on the drums. Now that I feel really REALLY good about these pieces they are ready to be shared. Few things are worse than putting up music work out in public and cringing every day knowing how you could've made it much better than it is. I can't live like that. Sometimes you have to work on something until you can't see it getting any better!

Both pieces are inspired by The Transformers, but they have other themes going on too, like on not giving up.

My first piece titled "Not Yet" was inspired by a Transformers comic book series called The Transformers: Autocracy, a sort of origin story of how Optimus Prime came to be who he is. The dark atmosphere of the comic was really cool, enhanced by the artistic stylings of artist Livio Ramondelli.


My next piece titled "Aerial Warfare" was initially just a track I wanted to create as a soundtrack for a little Transformers fan-project I'm writing (just for my fun and enjoyment), where the main character transforms into a fighter jet called the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor! I loved learning more about the aircraft and watching videos about it in flight. Then the more I worked on the music, the more I thought about making it as a sort of music tribute to these cool fighter jets. So I put my music into a slideshow of awesome F-22 photos, with credit given where it's due of course, in the video description.

Down the line, I plan on making another track with air-combat music like this one, but a lot more "crazier" and varied. (In other words, even MORE exciting than "Aerial Warfare" already is!) Perhaps next time with photos of another type of fighter aircraft...?

In one way, I DO make these music tracks for fun, but with the intention of showing a wider range of the types of music I want to do for different media projects, so that I can be further hired for my specialties. Coming up soon is music that I daydream would be in a... CAR COMMERCIAL?? For that, you'll just have to tune in later and see!

Thank you for listening, and please come back for more!