Official YouTube Channel!

Hello all!


Alright, I am happy to announce that I have finally set up my OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL!  It goes by the name AlyssaEWattsMusicScore!!!


One reason for this is because I unwittingly created a YouTube account when I set up my Gmail email address, so that YouTube account has been just sitting there for quite some time and not being used. But the primary reason for this is because the current plan I use for this website can only allow so many music tracks to be uploaded into the site, and so I cannot put up every piece that I want to here. As I am continuously composing music, I don't want to give the impression that the music in this website is all the music I have ever composed!

So... YouTube will solve that problem for me. And I made use of  my YouTube account that was just sitting there up until days ago!


I've wanted to make a YouTube channel that would be connected to this site for a long while back, but now that I have an actual reason to really REALLY need one, I was happy to finally do it. This was one of those times that I asked myself, "If not now, then when?" And the time is NOW!


The first few pieces of music I've put up are select music tracks from a recent short film to which I've provided the original score, titled His Emily, which was written and directed by Marco A. Elorreaga. It was an absolute pleasure to work on the music for this film! (Below this post are two of the videos embedded for your listening pleasure.)


Other projects I will upload to this YouTube channel will be personal music projects that are not for any films I've worked on, and they will vary in styles as well. (Also, some more of these pieces may be mostly inspired by some cool robot characters from my favorite video game/science fiction franchises).


I look forward to sharing more of my instrumental music works with you, now that I'm able to do that better with YouTube! 


Please stay tuned, and thank you for reading and listening!