Got a new dog! Plus, new music coming soon...


Hello everyone,

I must apologize once again... I haven't been very active with my YouTube channel lately. But it has been for a very good reason; I have a new baby in the house, in the form of a beautiful (and very energetic!) dog named Lexi. 

It has been difficult adjusting to life without my late dog Koko, and in the middle of March, three months after we lost Koko to her heart and lung condition, my family and I decided we felt ready, more or less, to welcome another dog into our lives. We were going to only look around and keep the desired age range at around a few months old. The fates of the universe had a different plan for us. We quickly fell in love with a gorgeous blue and white American Staffordshire mix that had just turned one year old. And when we met her out of her kennel cage, I just couldn't say no. 

The shelter called her Kiko, though we didn't keep the name because it was too close to the name of our previous dog. And the funniest thing was, this young dog has done just exactly what Koko had done when I first saw her in her shelter; she stuck out her paws under the cage door, seemingly in an attempt to plead we take her home. 

And take her home we did, on March 19th, renaming her Lexi. <3

A new dog is never without it's challenges, though. The first week and a half, she had on a medical collar because she'd recently been fixed, and she often tried fighting tooth and toenail wt that medical cone collar. We were glad to finally keep it off at the end of March. But the next test for us was getting used to her boundless energy. To be honest, I am very happy to have an energetic dog again. I've missed it terribly. Sometimes things can get a little crazy, and I do get quite tired at the end of the day, but it is a wonderful reason to get tired.

My sister and I are Lexi's primary caretakers, but my mom and dad have been so wonderful helping us out in taking care of her, and despite the occasional craziness that ensues with an energetic dog in the house, we all love her to bits and pieces. Things will be even better once we start giving her proper obedience training, but she has already learned some of our basic commands.

As for any new music, I am slowly getting reacquainted with more of my music projects that I hope to show on my new official YouTube channel. It has been a crazy month and a half, but things are winding down just a bit now and I will be happy to update my channel with new personal projects, just as soon as I can get to fine-tuning some tracks good enough for public listening. I hope to be putting up some epic orchestral music in the next month or so, at least by June.

Thank you for understanding, and please stay tuned!